eupeople services:
  • new site design and existing site redesign
  • adding content management functionality (cms), such as blogs and product management
  • performing updates and further development to new and existing sites
  • providing good communication and an ability to work with clients through the whole development process
  • business class hosting with co-located servers
  • competitive pricing

the register news

apple boss demands bloomberg super micro u-turn, russian troll charged, nsa hands out cash, and moreoz intel committee: crypto-busting is only bad if you're a commie, and we're not by the wayfyi: faking court orders to take down google reviews is super illegallondon flatmate (julian assange) sues landlord (government of ecuador) in human rights spatcore-blimey! riddle of earth's mysterious center finally 'solved' by smarty seismologistsspotted: miscreants use pilfered nsa hacking tools to pwn boxes in nuke, aerospace worldspull request accepted: you want to buy github, microsoft? go for it – euatlassian: look at our ginormous jira revenues!ericsson's very good bad quarter, mozilla encrypts sni, new tip projects, and moresamsung claims key-value z-ssd will be fastest flash everyale security fail: 'unexpected load' caused systems to crash, whacked our smart living home appthere's no 'i' in 'imft' – because micron intends to buy intel out of 3d xpoint joint venturefacebook names former lib dem leader nick clegg head of global affairsmetadata-farming, data-silo-killing startup: go on. bring us your unstructured stuffsounds like a massive, risky scheme, but let's not keep too many tabs on it, ok?insects with farts that smell like coriander assist in covering up paris's aroma d'urinepeter thiel's palantir reportedly eyeing up $41bn ipoeuropean commission: we've called off the lawyers over ireland's late collection of apple back taxesit's two spacecraft, one mission as bepicolombo gets ready to launchhave you made devops, containers or cd work for you? tell us about it