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guardian world news

tech firms could face new eu regulations over fake newssean hannity's real estate venture linked to fraudulent property dealeregypt to fine people who pester touristsstudent says peking university trying to silence her over rape claim petitionperuvian judge orders arrest of two accused of lynching canadiantoronto van incident in which 10 pedestrians died appeared deliberate, say policesyria: western nations seek to bypass russian veto at unparaguay election: mario abdo benítez victory recalls brutal dictatorshipswiss rösti with a twist: north and south korea summit menu's diplomacyrana plaza, five years on: safety of workers hangs in balance in bangladesh | michael safi and dominic rushe

telegraph world news

donald trump suggests veterans affairs candidate could withdraw after 'ugly and disgusting' vetting processfatbergs a breeding ground for deadly superbugs, experts warn after 750m mass found in londonuk's top diplomat caught up in blunder after calling the sikh golden temple a mosqueemmanuel macron calls for new iran deal as donald trump blasts current agreement as 'insane'donald trump and emmanuel macron's 'special relationship', in picturesclaire foy admits she is embarrassed by controversy over gender pay gap on the crownalleged former bodyguard of osama bin laden 'living on german welfare' after courts reject deportationfirst paralysed man to complete the london marathon on foot crosses finish line...but doesn't get a medalroyal baby latest news: new prince meets family as world awaits name announcementmother, 86, dies in the chair her own daughter left her sitting in for a year