eupeople services:
  • new site design and existing site redesign
  • adding content management functionality (cms), such as blogs and product management
  • performing updates and further development to new and existing sites
  • providing good communication and an ability to work with clients through the whole development process
  • business class hosting with co-located servers
  • competitive pricing

the register news

talk about a cache flow problem: this javascript can snoop on other browser tabs to work out what you're visitingif you're using dell emc avamar, even in vmware's vsphere, you need to grab and install these security updatesinfosec's thanksgiving turkey triumvirate: tesla, tumblr, trump (as in ivanka)... and tons moreaustralia's 'snoop minister' wants crypto-busting law probe wound up, proposals back into parliamentlet's have a look-see, pure. sales, up. staff, growing. forecasts, beat. projections, rising. profit... oh look at the time, gotta run, cya...what the #!/%* is that rogue raspberry pi doing plugged into my company's server room, sysadmin despairslastpass? more like lost pass. or where the fsck has it gone pass. five-hour outage drives netizens bonkersoracle sued by app sales rep: i made tens of millions for larry, then fired for being neither young nor male – claimdid you hear? there's a critical security hole that lets web pages hijack computers. of course it's adobe flash's faultmicrosoft's edgy open enclave sdk goes cross platformjoe public wants nhs to spend its cash on cancer, mental health, not digital servicescan you trust an ai data trust not to slurp your data?big falcon namechange for musk's rocket: bfr becomes starshipcapita, serco, sopra steria to write cheat-sheets for in case they collapsemicrosoft snaps up fslogix to paint go-faster stripes on virtualized officesap claims french robo minnow contextor slurp will slash clicks needed in its erp softwaregermany pushes router security rules, openwrt and ccc push backa 5g day may come when the courage of cable and dsl fails ... but it is not this daybusy week for iss as russia resumes flights and vies for parking spaces with nasauk's national airwave terminal procurement framework awarded to motorola and sepura